Air Canada 727-233 C-GYNG

Have you planned to fly on an Air Canada flight this time on your vacation? If yes, then you are assured with the classy air travel experience on its flights. Air Canada stands amongst the best carriers when it comes a quality flight travel and amazing customer service.

Seat selection on an Air Canada Airlines flight is not troublesome as you can undergo seat assignment of your preference without any hassle. You just need to make your plans of your travel and start by booking a trip from Air Canada.

Here is what a passenger gets on seat selection:
  • Up to 10 cm (4 in) of extra between seats
  • Seats on bulkhead row offer more leg space than a regular seat
  • On arrival, exit sooner than before

What are the different option to purchase desirable seats?

  1. When booking a new flight: Select your Preferred Seat from the seat map after reaching the Seat Selection screen.
  2. After booking: From the “My Booking” tab below, sign in and then search for the Change Seats link. If you have booked your flight from another airline, you need to make sure to have your Air Canada flight booking reference. You are recommended to purchase your Preferred Seat early in advance as there is limited availability of seats. Alternatively, you can select your Preferred Seat when you check-in for your flight through web, mobile application, or at the airport self-service check-in kiosk.

Please note that Air Canada has modified its boarding zones to allow for adequate social-distancing between passengers, therefore until further notice, priority boarding for premium seating is suspended.

Types of Seats under Air Canada Seat Selection Chart

Economy Seats

If you wish to travel on a limited budget, these seats can be the best option for you. You can save money by travelling in economy class, which also offers standard services. A 22.6 cm touch screen TV with free entertainment options is available to passengers in this cabin. You can charge your laptop and an audio port for a headphone. If you enjoy reading, you may get a personal study lamp right here. The availability of a pillow and blanket for a cost is one of the cabin’s additional advantages. Air Canada Economy seat selection fees may be charged in cases where choices are made in advance.

Premium Economy Seats

The Premium Economy cabin is a little closer to the Business cabin. These seats come with cutting- edge conveniences and unique features. The two most obvious features of this cabin are the extra legroom and the seat’s 17.8 cm or 7 inch recline. On a personal 28 cm or 11 inches touch screen TV in size, the passengers can watch free movies and live action. The in-flight amenities may include reading lamps, USB ports for charging laptops, and seat power. The choice of Premium Economy seats on Air Canada may complement the purchase. Additionally, passengers who purchased Premium Economy tickets are entitled to two free checked bags. As a result, this class offers flexible flying conditions.

Business Class Seats

On Air Canada, these First-class seats have the maximum price. They provide comfortable flying conditions, which helps to justify the prices. In this class, fully flat beds measuring 203 cm long are available. Passengers in this cabin can take use of priority services like unique delicacies and on- demand facilities. Additionally, passengers flying in the Signature class can relax in the lounge and make use of the exclusive massage pods. Purchasing these items during the Air Canada Business class seat deal can result in a slight price reduction. Overall, this cabin offers a truly luxurious flight experience.

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